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eHe has a limited supply of one Health Informatics textbook for sale.
Hovenga E.J.S, Kidd M, Garde S, Hullin C  (Eds), 2nd Ed Health Informatics: an overview  IOS Press, Amsterdam 2010

eHe provides opportunities for highly qualified external educators to develop and deliver eHealth/Health Informatics courses via our course delivery infrastructure on a contractual basis.

Are you looking for  timely, targeted and accessible ‘eHealth’ or ‘train the trainer’ education?
We provide:

  • the knowledge and skills needed to train others in any industry
  • knowledge and skills enabling you to use information technologies that support the delivery of safe and sustainable healthcare via information systems, health service management and public health.

EHE Training offers both Nationally Recognised Courses as well as courses to meet your specific outcome requirements not available elsewhere. You may undertake any of these eHealth or Training courses via face to face training, online coursedelivery or a combination of these training methods.

All courses are designed according to one of the following formats:

Free Single Non-award Courses (SNACs)

  • offered online to try out the online learning process
  • cover short topics in eHealth

Other Single Non-award Courses (SNACs) for Professional Development

  • SNACs are tailored to suit consumers, care providers and healthcare managers.
  • SNACs can be developed to suit any specific health industry employer group.
  • Each SNAC includes assessable learning objectives.
  • Assessment requirements are included to assist with study.

Nationally Recognised Certificate IV and Diploma Courses for:

Trainers in any industry
Health Professionals
Health Administrators
IT Professionals
Clinical Terminologists and Coders

We offer to work with Universities by providing:

  • Health informatics curriculum advice
  • Develop and deliver individual courses (subjects) on your behalf to suit your chosen curriculum
  • Partner in multiple University award offerings

Our educators and trainers have credentials that comply with Australian registered training organisations and University accreditation requirements.  Our approach is to use suitably qualified experts from anywhere in the world to develop top quality courses suited to industry need.
Our trainers/educators are able to securely interact with students anytime making use of a variety of broadband Internet technologies and devices. This ensures the ability for students to undertake their study anywhere, anytime to best suit their lifestyles and work commitments. All educational material is approved by our academic board prior to delivery; it is peer reviewed and updated on an annual basis.

eHe has an academic, science and cultural cooperation agreement with the Centre for Health Informatics of the Central University of Chile in Santiago who are using eHe IP under license.
eHe has an agreement with the Copyright Agency Limited (License number SE6682). This statutory license allows eHe to make copies of copyright works for educational purposes in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 part VB.

Government Sponsored Training

eHe is a Pre-qualified supplier under the Queensland Government’s User Choice 2010-2015 program administered by their Department of Education and Training (eHe’s training ID is PS100478). Students are eligible for Government funding under this program once they have a registered training agreement with their employer prepared by an Australian Apprenticeship Centre. Under this program the cost for a TAE40110 Cert IV in Training an Assessment is subsidized by the Queensland Government.

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